Don’t say that he even others have some words, but he can’t bear to look straight in the eye. Obviously, he also recognizes that Qin Changfeng’s cowhide is blowing a little too much.

Qin Changfeng shrugged his shoulders. If you don’t believe people, you will believe them. If you don’t believe them, you will talk more about blood … A dead man doesn’t have to talk nonsense.
"Nine days?"
This is the last question. If the glass sound falls behind the whole tower, it will be very silent. Many people watching the situation of the No.5 trial tower are holding their breath.
Jiutianhou is the strongest among those people who have been transformed, and it was famous in Xinghai a long time ago.
After hearing that he changed from the No.5 trial tower to the No.19 trial tower, many people said that he was destined to become the master of the fifth domain and dominate the rise and fall of all living things.
The title of Qin Changfeng, the marquis of Qin, is better known as the unfathomable king of fighting, and he has never lost, and he is also recognized as the most representative figure among the last six tower soil testers.
If it weren’t for nine days, three sides, etc., many people would think that he would be one of the future hegemons of the fifth largest domain if he didn’t wait until this fifth largest domain opened the opportunity to change the trial tower.
If one of the soil testers can attack for nine days, then Qin Changfeng is the one with the greatest hope in people’s hearts.
So many people want to know how sure he is in his own heart.
"Is that eye-catching pretending to be a criminal?"
Qin Changfeng thoughtfully a little sighed, "If my body is intact, 70% will be enough …"
"Seventy percent? ! ! !”
Almost no one can accept the answer that the whole world is in an uproar, but if the coloured glaze accepts her, she will no longer say anything and go into the control room herself and smash the crystal ball …
Chapter five hundred and forty-nine Nine wars days
Click ~ ~ ~ ~
The original towering tower has many cracks from beginning to end. Obviously, the No.5 base tower collapsed.
This is so unbelievable to everyone.
Explosive base tower … Someone actually did it!
And if Qin Changfeng and coloured glaze, which dominate this matter, become completely crazy in the eyes of all.
But at the moment, nothing is said, and everything is a foregone conclusion. The way to save everyone from being buried by the collapsed tower is to save them from soaring into the sky.
Without hesitation, a figure is rushing into the distance.
It’s blood. He knows it’s run to stay here. Although his heart is not afraid of Qin Changfeng, he is worried that if the colored glaze will also make an enemy, he will naturally win.
But the question is, can you walk?
Qin Changfeng risked his life to destroy the base tower. How could he let the bottom of his eyelids slip away by killing him?
Look cool, his sleeve flutters and raises my hand, and the sky shakes!
Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and at the same time, a great pressure came from the top of the head, and at the same time, a shadow appeared in the sky, as if a mountain were pressing people to straighten their backs, and their hearts trembled with fear.
Consciousness looked up and everyone’s eyes were entranced by the dumbfounded petrification on the spot!
What’s that shadow? The mountain is a virtual collapse with horror. The whole fall covers thousands of feet in Fiona Fang. It’s really like a sky collapse!
"What means is this?"
Everyone believes that even the sky can be used as a weapon. Is there really anything on this battlefield that can make him fear?
Nine immortals!
The golden light in the virtual Mongolia flows with some golden lines blooming, and the diffusion of breath from Taoist sources is shocking.
On the one hand, it looks vaguely like a towering temple cage, which directly blocks a place in heaven and earth.
At this moment, don’t say that the audience is watching the trials from head to toe through the light virtual star network. This is a terrible skill of the earth. A monarch’s hands are full of surprises, and now it is amazing to be sacrificed by a military commander.
In fact, if the simple fairy king nine letters transform skills, it is absolutely said.
By Qin Changfeng show at the moment even if it has been combined with fairy king nine fifth skill one-third power has also been amazing.
Because of the virtual characteristics of the nine seals of the fairy king, it is perfectly inherited by the new skill.
At the moment, the shadow of the hazy building is an unbreakable cage!
Not to mention rushing out, even if the displacement skill is random, the props can escape outside this virtual cage.
"Blood is a giant god!"
Trapped in the cage, the blood was screaming at the sky, and he felt bad, so he directly used his strongest means to get out of trouble in the shortest time.
Blood boils, his body instantly expands, and a giant as high as 100 feet slams his fist at the virtual cage wall.
In fact, the other body is made up of blood, and what it shows is just one of his myriad changes. He can transform himself into that creature if he has ever obtained blood.

With a knife in his hands, his fighting spirit is boiling, as if his burning blood and strength were poured into his hands. The muscles of regicide’s chest and arms almost broke through the black armor.

He took off at a weak oblique angle, which was from the mountain, and the black fierce soldier also appeared like a front, which was not a regicide characteristic
The leaves are flying and the atmosphere is split in half. It belongs to two black and red streamers, which fall from the sky like a frenzy!
Wu Shen’s Knife Technique-Heavenly!
Forgotten one retreated with one leg, bent his knees, and held Erfeng in his hands to meet him, while Fengfeng Sharp collided with strength.
It is said that Erfeng is a magic sword that will see blood when drawn, bring a lot of glory to the holder and plunge the holder into destruction, so it is named’ Killing the Master Sword’.
All the owners of this sword will die a bad death. It seems to be an eternal entanglement spell.
After all, the black giant blade instantly crushed the arm and bone, and the sound was bent to the angle that could not bear to look straight. Erfeng, the magic sword, was the first to reach the golden armor given by God, with absolute power to split inch by inch.
The black giant blade followed closely and the fragments of shining golden armor had not yet collapsed, and forgotten one, a teenager, had passed by wrongly.
Mud and blood rushed to the strange king and ended his life together.
The dust settled on the ground, and forgotten one broke in half from his chest. Even the first generation species was difficult to rescue.
Lu Chen went to forgotten one and bent over to take off the mask, but I didn’t expect the other party to speak.
"You’re right. How interesting it is to live forever. I’m finally going to … find you."
Lu Chen was stunned, but he didn’t understand it, but he felt that the hero king seemed to be relieved.
Norma should be able to translate, but he didn’t record it … and he couldn’t remember the obscure pronunciation of the other party.
Forgotten one closed his eyes after talking to himself, and his life passed quickly.
Lu Chen took off the mask and found that the other person was not quite what he imagined. It was not the handsome young man in the animation, but the statement that some old middle-aged people looked at each other from the face that the other person should be really handsome and ashamed when he was young, "the gods gave him beauty."
The combat state was lifted. Lu Chen’s black scales fell off, and his clothes were almost left behind. Well, he can change and fit Poseidon’s armor at will.
In the ice sea YAMAL, when Chuhang had no hope, Lu Fei exclaimed and pointed in one direction, "Brother, look!"
Chuhang’s reflexive road is not on the other side of the hull. When he walks quickly, he often sees an arena reflected in the water, and there seems to be smoke and blood fog floating inside.
He immediately thought of the Colosseum in the painting. They found Avalon!
Chuhang decided to give instructions to the captain. If they don’t return for more than 12 hours, they will control the YAMAL to return first.
Later, the crew were ordered to return to the cabin. After Chu Hang entered the password and tattooed iris, he made the largest packing on the deck, which contained Atlantis III aircraft.
Because the cockpit is limited, the main driver’s seat is responsible for manipulating finger, who is holding the road and not sitting in the co-pilot, followed by painted pear clothes and Xia Mi Yu Chuhang, who did not go in.
It may be risky to sneak into Nibelungen. He is ready to stick it outside the cabin to deal with all kinds of situations at any time. The water depth should not exceed 1,500 meters. He can hold it completely.
If others persuade you, you can go and see it first according to Chuhang’s meaning.
Liu Chen waved the regicide to cut a big hole in the ground and put the hero king in. The earth cover is also the last respect for strange loneliness.
Just as he was about to return to the arena to see if there were any Chu Hang’s father among the spirits who had been knocked unconscious by him, the sky roared like a drum and became louder and louder.
Like some kind of phase energy is violently cracking this Nibelungen.
He looked up at the Arabian at this time, just like a broken mirror, a deep black hole appeared.
Lu Chen or Odin or unknown enemy came and was about to enter the fighting state again when the regicide war started.
A face of Meng forced to see an aircraft coming.
Chapter three hundred and thirty Wang Yiding, the knight of the painted pear clothes, is a girl, right?
See this aircraft Liu Chen slightly bent legs slowly straight hand black giant blade.
He’s Odin. He almost jumped straight and stabbed something from the sky.
At the front end of the aircraft, a young man dressed in a black war buckled the front end of the aircraft with one hand. The only protruding head was wet short hair, and those harsh golden pupils danced in the wind. They scanned the whole Nibelungen excitedly and warily.
Liu Chen’s face finally smiled, and the aircraft was Chuhang. He also saw the wine red in the cockpit.
What? So everyone hasn’t forgotten themselves.
The aircraft seems to have just plunged into Nibelungen, and it is out of control, and it is falling straight into the arena. Look at this posture, it will crash in less than two seconds.

The process of changing blood is very dangerous. If the old man gets up in the middle, he won’t get well.

Caution, caution and caution.
The closer you get to success, the more careful you are.
At this time, seeing that the master is really unable to move, the spirit is surging slightly, and even it is difficult to lift the quilt, let alone fight with himself. He is completely at ease and ready to start work.
In the previous step, he stretched out his hand and cut the master’s wrist, and then he cut his wrist to prepare the secret method of changing blood with leeches.
Looking at this scene, my hometown owner was sad in his heart, but he didn’t want to go all his life. The most filial disciple was such a person.
It’s really … filial piety is killing me.
He sighed in his heart but didn’t sit still.
He recalled that night a few weeks ago when the Nangong Sunset came to give a dowry on behalf of his second brother.
Don’t you … At that time already anticipated this scene?
The hometown owner in the East is in a complicated mood, and his body can control weak spiritual force to activate the symbol of being pressed by his own sheets for thousands of miles.
Jin Renfeng is preparing to draw the blood of the master into the body for exchange, reading the mantra in his mouth with both hands.
Seeing that the master’s body and spirit are surging but very weak, he laughed. "Master, it is necessary to resist so ugly now." Why don’t you walk fast and become an apprentice? "
Chapter five hundred and seventy-seven Dying ugly
Jin Renfeng moved his hometown master’s wrist, blood gushed out of his face, and his smile could not be suppressed. "Speaking of which, I want to marry two school sisters, so as to benefit another secret of your Oriental family."
He spread his hands, blood gushed from his left hand, and his right hand dragged his hometown owner ichor. "It’s all me …"
Before he finished his words, his face suddenly changed because he felt a wave in the bed, which spread to instantly cover the whole room.
He quickly stopped changing blood and was ready to enter the combat state.
"Everything is you?"
No sooner had he stopped the secret method than he heard a familiar man, whom he would never forget for a generation.
He turned stiffly and saw a man in black with a black robe and a black blade slung over his waist behind him. At this time, Gherardini looked at himself.
"Nangong … Sunset!"
Golden phoenix has a hoarse voice and a full face of disbelief
He took two steps back. "Impossible! You are already dead! ?”
He inquired about the details, and even the mask group has not moved recently. He also talked about it from the younger sister’s side. The sunset in Nangong is really dead, yes!
Mainly, he can’t understand each other and can’t know what he wants to do, even if he knows that the Nangong sunset makes many people have to do this to himself.
So he didn’t guard against it.
But now the other person’s reality is just like that suffocating pressure in front of him and dare not look at the red and golden eyes, which seems to have been affixed to his neck. It is said that it is the sunset in Nangong … coming!
In this small bedroom, one moment he still mastered the life and death of the strong man, and the next moment he fell into the clouds because he was more violent.
There is no possibility of escape from the distance between the sunset strength of Nangong and the knife method. A slight change is that the head falls to the ground.
This kind of killing at close range to seize power is violence and respect!

It doesn’t matter how much he pays for astronomical figures … Well … It’s not impossible for him to really get out thirty dollars.

Kill another one. Many explorers look dignified.
At this time, a man wearing a scientific and technological exoskeleton armor went to Lu Chen. "I want to buy my life and qualification."
Lu Chen’s mouth evoked a smile. "How much are you paying?"
"I’ll give you 17 pieces of contract when I get back."
Mechanical man said.
Liu Chen shook his head. "What are you thinking too little?"
The robot man frowned and looked at Luo Shen. "What can she do with 17 pieces?"
He said to himself, is it special to be beautiful and have big breasts?
At this moment, Luo Shen suddenly felt a lot of balance in his heart. I didn’t expect 17 pieces to be very cheap.
But if you think about it, it’s really not expensive. If 17 pieces of crystals can buy special qualifications directly, no matter which large adventure group is willing to pay.
"I’m the person who talks about the principle of doing business. I said that there are discounts for old customers. Of course, there are discounts. You are not my old customer and you are not the first to miss Zhang Daji."
Liu Chen smilingly said
Watching this scene, Luo Shen scolded profiteers and bandits.
"How much does the big brother want?"
Mechanical man asked calmly.
"2 pieces"
Lu Chen said a number.
Mechanical man hesitated for a moment, "can sign a contract?"
Although two pieces are more, we should be able to make the group change and sell something.
This time, his explorer is a little restless. How many people have died for a while? How many people have bought the qualification? Add Liu Chen to his side and there are already four!
Many explorers have said that they want to buy qualifications.
If Liu Chen were not to maintain his image, he would be happy from ear to ear now.
I want to talk about grass. These explorers are really rich!
It is also a lone ranger. After all, it is a minority. These explorers have been raised to this level by relying on large adventure groups. Compared with special qualifications, they are willing to pay for the crystallization.
But Lu Chen didn’t respond to a person. He got up and stood aside with a double ponytail girl inside story.
Lu Chen looked at many explorers. "I gave you a chance, and you missed. There are only five qualifications left in the past, and you are all so fair. Let’s auction it. Whoever bids for the highest qualification will give it to whom."
He cut a big tree into a table with several knives and looked around.
At this time, the little girl with double ponytails gathered around Lu Chen, and a hammer appeared in her hand, which was the "big boss" of the hammer class.
Lu Chen was very satisfied and looked at the little girl with double ponytails. "Well, good protection is halved."
He’s just talking, too. He hasn’t seen how much protection he will have after entering the special world.
A smile appeared in Lori’s eyes with a double ponytail. When Lori looked at her with disdain, he thought that the origin seeker was really spineless and would kneel down and lick the boss.
Liu Chen holds a hammer in front of the wooden table "Now … Auction"
In the final chaos of this special qualification battle, there was a strange scene that no one had ever thought of.
Instead of killing each other, a group of explorers gathered around a wooden platform and bid red-faced
"22 pieces!"
A strong man wearing a silver armor bite a tooth shouted.
"I’ll give … 23 pieces!"
A black-faced man turned purple.
After a while, the first qualification auction finally ended and was won by the explorer wearing silver armor at a high price.
At this time, several responsible persons in the nine-story pagoda of Lingxu Temple looked at the island pictures and showed strange expressions in succession.
"I’m going to this little slutty place. It’s cutting everyone like leeks!"
Fei Hua tu Tao
Qing Yue’s beautiful eyes also have a strange look. She has presided over many special qualification battles and has never seen such a scene.
The root didn’t play a role in the qualification battle, and the wisdom or combat power of the explorers were not considered. In the end, it became a financial competition
It’s rare for the morning breeze to laugh, "The origin is proud this time. I’m afraid it will be famous after the qualification battle."

Just then a burst of footsteps came and someone sarcastically asked, "Why did you die after him?"

There are seven people coming out of the corner, five testers, one unconscious and one plot character is Merlin!
She is obviously not a prisoner when she walks side by side with five people from the ancient blood squad.
She looked at Qin Changfeng and sighed with a complex expression, "I’m sorry, I want to live and … become stronger."
However, to her surprise and anxiety, Qin Changfeng did not show anger and surprise, but smiled very calmly and gently and said, "I told you that you didn’t say sorry, I did it, I chose you to do it, and everything was fair."
"What do you mean?" Merlin’s eyes were puzzled, but suddenly his face changed greatly, and his panic color flashed by, and he forcibly recovered his composure. He looked at Qin Changfeng and asked, "When is this?"
Qin Changfeng said, "I gave you a chance. If you can listen to my advice and do nothing instead of choosing to completely fall to the blood clan and leak my trace, now the person around me is you instead of Ade."
"What can you pack? Be blown into slag by the old! " The young man with the explosive head in the ancient blood team has a very hot temper, and he has long been ignorant of Qin Changfeng. Before them, his back is slightly arched and his body is like a cheetah.
"Remember that it’s your only way to live if I can help you and bring them to me!" Qin Changfeng said as she pulled Adebayor back out of the door, the phantom appeared in her right hand, and even a crossbow was shot at the stone wall outside the door. After the machine was shot, it exploded like a support fracture, and the metal door was opened to detain and quickly bounced back and closed.
From the inside, it seems that the explosive head rushed too hard and hit the iron gate … The metal door with a thickness of dozens of centimeters was tightly closed, and the dark blood was restored. The five teams looked at each other.
"Damn it, it was escaped by that mouse again." The head and feet of the explosion slammed the metal door and roared with rage
At this time, the man in the white cloak took out the metal disc to meet all kinds of gears, and then a picture emerged outside the glass cover, which turned out to be the scene outside Qin Changfeng’s door!
This picture disappears directly after a flash. Obviously, this ability has great limitations.
The white man put away the metal compass and said, "This is the top floor, which is 50 or 60 meters less than the ground. He certainly won’t dare to jump to the door or just bomb a gap from the wall to catch him."
"Then hurry. What are you waiting for?"
Four of the five members of the Xuegu team immediately went to study how to make the way to the outside. A young man with long hair and a long sword looked at Merlin without a trace of expression and asked, "What did he mean by talking to you last?"
Merlin’s face turned bitter and replied, "He poisoned me for fifteen minutes. If there is no antidote, I will die!" "
The young man with long hair looked at her with a fake expression and nodded gently, but turned around without saying anything as if Merlin’s life and death were nothing to him …
Chapter 52 Don’t sell fame and learn overlord
Adebayor outside the metal gate listened to the boom inside and worried about Qin Changfeng for a moment and said, "They will come out sooner or later …"
Qin Changfeng smiled faintly. "So what?"
As soon as the voice fell, I heard the huge engine roar from the top of my head, and then I saw a landing ship with a wide platform slowly falling from the side.
The ship exploded, and the landing ship could hover for half with independent engines on different sides.
Qin Changfeng and Ade climbed the rope hanging from the landing ship and were quickly pulled into the cabin of the ship. Qin Changfeng saw a biochemical man driving the landing ship.
Bionics David and Walter are exactly the same in appearance. The only difference is that their hair David is yellow, Walter is brown, and his hair is brown in the cockpit. But Qin Changfeng knows that he must not be Walter, but David exchanges body parts to change the color of his hair. It’s hard to say that it’s too simple for a biochemist. That’s what he did in the film to fool everyone on the spaceship.
Thought of here, Qin Changfeng could not help but feel a slight silence for Walter, a gentle and upright biochemical man, who was a trustworthy partner and less trustworthy than David.
"Where is he?" Adebayor was also very surprised at why there was a pilot ship. Last night, he was either with Qin Changfeng or near the gate, and he was not clear about what happened in the plot characters.
David, who was driving the landing ship, said calmly, "This ship is the one where those people just came last night. The Contract spacecraft came to another landing cabin and picked them all up, but there are not many people alive."
"What about us?" Adebayor looked at Qin Changfeng.
"Wait for them to come out." Qin Changfeng asked David to lower the landing ship to a place parallel to the platform outside the metal gate, with a phantom crossbow at the edge of his platform, and installed the golden prop arrow with the elf low sigh, then aimed at the metal gate and waited calmly.
It’s advisable to chase after the poor bandits with the remaining brave, and not to sell the fame and learn the overlord! The great man has already told his wisdom to the younger generation what attitude to treat the enemy. There are four words-exterminate the grass!
"David, what is the strength of this wall and gate?" As the minutes passed, Adebayor became anxious, but Qin Changfeng’s hands were stable.
David sat in the driver’s seat, his face expressionless as always, but he looked at Bai Fan inexplicably and said, "No one can hit the wall unless the metal gate is bombed by missiles. It is also a special stone. According to your strength, it can resist for at least five minutes."
"Five minutes … plus there are black aliens in it. It’s enough to delay for more than ten minutes … before the birth of Merlin’s mutant aliens, the ancient blood squad couldn’t rush out." Qin Changfeng secretly pondered the situation in his heart. He has done everything he can to get this far.
Whether we can harvest the ancient blood squad in one fell swoop depends on how many casualties the alien can bring to the ancient blood squad when Merlin is born.
Merlin is a clever woman. Because of her cleverness, she can easily see that Qin Changfeng and the ancient blood squad are far from each other. She finally made a wise choice-she took the initiative to unite the ancient blood squad into their Qin Changfeng sentry to help them catch Qin Changfeng in exchange for a few hours of shelter.
Of course, there must be its interest exchange, but these are not important to Qin Changfeng. He needs a tester to become the host blood, and a powerful mutant alien is bred around him, that’s all.
After Sauron’s death, this person can be one of Merlin and Ade. Qin Changfeng chose Ade and woke Merlin up several times to make the right choice. Because it was a pity that he thought Merlin was more clever … but Merlin was not clever enough. She forgot to calculate and information, which is also a kind of strength.
That’s faster than the mutant. It was killed by these two things. Otherwise, the people could really go their own way at that time. Even if the three testers joined hands, there was no possibility of hurting the mutant.
Therefore, Qin Changfeng did not hesitate to take great risks and get an alien embryo that can delay the development with David, a dangerous biochemical person.
He had obtained through Sauron’s experiment that the rank log would wake up three and a half minutes after the experimenter was parasitized, and the alien would break the body in ten minutes. Thirteen minutes was not enough for his plan, because in case the alien would break the body before Merlin and the ancient blood team joined up, then the surprise of the attack would be lost.
That’s why he asked David to give him an embryo that can delay development.
Another reason why he had to cooperate with David was that he needed David to tell him the details of the building, including the meaning of those road signs, including the metal gate leading to the outside of the building and the methods of opening and closing it.
Moreover, Merlin was seriously injured and his life was hanging by a thread, which was only completed with David’s cooperation. Although he finished controlling aliens, he could conduct guidance and communication to a certain extent, which was enough to give Qin Changfeng great help.
Merlin naturally knew from the log that she had been parasitized when Qin Changfeng talked, but she dared not say it because once she was known by the ancient blood team, she would definitely kill her without hesitation and dare not leave the ancient blood team. First of all, it was not good for her. Qin Changfeng finally warned her that she had followed the ancient blood team before she could see Qin Changfeng again and get the so-called antidote.
Even if Qin Changfeng rushed out in front of the ancient blood squad, it was said that he could sit far away from the ancient blood squad by landing ship, and even when he returned to the gate on the first floor with Merlin, it was more than ten minutes, but in that case he lost an excellent opportunity to block here and harvest the final results.
Just three minutes after the metal gate, there was a roar and fighting sound. Obviously, there were black aliens who found the blood. The ancient squad asked them to find a way to open the gate in their spare time, but the action caused by the battle was not very intense, which meant that one or two black aliens returned the law and caused devastating pressure on them.
"David, you will soon see your best."
Ten minutes later, Qin Changfeng clenched his hand in the crossbow. As soon as his voice rang, he heard a tragic cry and panic call from behind the metal gate, which was ten times fiercer than before. Even through the thick stone wall and the metal gate, it was clear that the scene inside was so tragic.
Aliens have a very abnormal ability. They can absorb the excellent genes of the host, thus making the birth of aliens more powerful. The experimenter has become another kind of creature different from ordinary people after training the talent of Taqi. This is also why the birth and variation of aliens in the tester’s host are terrible.
Before Qin Changfeng was killed, it absorbed Sauron’s talent of speed, so it had the speed of terror, while Merlin’s talent was magical energy. Wind, ice and earth were very doubtful whether it would give birth to a horrible monster with wind speed but strong defense and extremely low temperature.
Qin Changfeng, who was suddenly attacked by this monster and fought in a room, believed that the ancient blood squad could say goodbye to the world even if it was strong …
Chapter 53 Destroy the regiment!
Mutant alien was born. The battle behind the metal gate suddenly broke out. From the very beginning, it entered the hottest stage. Outside, Qin Changfeng, Ade and biochemical David couldn’t see the situation inside, but from the creepy screams and whines, we can imagine how tragic the battle scene was.
Only two or three minutes later, the fighting and whining stopped abruptly, and then the wall next to the metal gate was bombed with a bang. A figure covered in blood and a horrible scene like hell behind him appeared in Qin Changfeng’s eyes.
I saw that the steps were covered with minced meat and blood. Merlin’s body was already fragmented and there was a big hole in her chest. The whole part of the red-haired woman’s chest and abdomen in the blood squad next to her was torn, red and dirty, and the original enchanting and beautiful meat reflected that it could make people vomit.
The young man’s distinctive head was ripped off by the whole thing. His eyes were wide open and his neck was broken. There were not only blood vessels, but also flashing flower lines and metal skeletons, while his body was hanging in a khaki, short and special-shaped body, which exuded cold and cold like an ice sculpture!
This alien is half a man’s height with khaki skin and a layer of light blue crystals on the surface. Like a layer of mirror armor, the attachment is covered with all kinds of fighting marks, but there is one place where it really breaks, that is, the eyebrows-pierced by a long sword and nailed to the wall through the back of the head.

Since Nu Wa’s self-exile and the day after tomorrow, the incarnation of the general has not been in charge of the five-color messenger. The five-color messenger has become accustomed to freedom, and people like Lan Dali are even more reluctant to appear in front of the sky.

After all, who will have nothing to find a father for themselves?
When the red tide reached the sky, Lan Dali was also thinking about not to be taunted, but he hid, and he was not interested in appearing in front of the sky again to be a messenger.
Anyway, Lan Dali believes that he is capable of destructive power, and there is no problem in running for his life.
It was Lan Dali who really didn’t expect the sky to find him so soon. He was unaware of the appearance of the sky.
"Your master Yuan Shen is about to wake up, so I called you, but my face doesn’t seem big enough."
Day gently stepped towards blue vigorously coming, he said softly as he walked.
Although the tone of the day was calm, Lan Dali felt a difficult pressure, which suppressed him and made him difficult to breathe.
And every step of the day seems to step on his heart.
"Why? I have something important to do. I was going to see Zhenzu after I finished my own business. "
Blue face to squeeze out a smile toward the sky to release goodwill.
Although he looked down on Nu Wa and generals in his heart, he also had to admit that he controlled Nu Wa and generals in his life and death.
Whether it’s Nu Wa or a general, he can’t afford to offend people.
So he is now facing the celestial pole and barely fills himself with statecraft.
"Lan Dali, I know what you’ve done over the years. I’m too lazy to pay attention to you. When Nu Wa wakes up, I’ll let her decide what to do with you."
It was calm and looked at Lan Dali and said softly.
The five-color envoy is a Nu Wa. When Nu Wa left, she did say that she would let the five-color envoy listen to God’s command, but if God came to deal with them directly, there would still be some troubles.
Lan Dali is very nervous in front of the sky. He is naturally eloquent at ordinary times, but now he can’t say a word when facing the sky.
He also dare not refute.
"Red tide tells me to order you not to give me noodles. I don’t know if I will come to you in person now. Would you like to give me this noodles?"
Day cold looking at blue light way
When he speaks, his tone is also very cold, and others can’t feel any temperature from it. The other party has a feeling that the essence is going to be frozen.
"Never dare to disobey the true ancestor’s command."
Lan vigorously made a quick statement.
He can cope with the red tide, but when it comes to the sky, he really dare not have the slightest perfunctory.
Innocence is terrible.
"I hope you really dare not."
"There are so few things that can last in this world. Years can destroy many things."
"You five-color ambassadors are not short, which is a landscape of this world. I really don’t want to see you disappear from this world."
Tianyi looks melancholy.
Although he didn’t threaten openly, Lan Dali heard from the sky that he would be destroyed if he didn’t cooperate with himself.
Lan Dali reluctantly smiled and tried to make a calm appearance before the day. "When my master died, let me listen to the fate of my true ancestors. How dare I violate my true ancestors?"
"This is the best!"
God said that, and then the figure flashed and disappeared.
"Hoo-scared me to death!"
It has been not far since the day left, pretending to be a thorough person. Chui Fu took a heavy breath and sat down on the ground.
The crow next to Chui Fu also wiped his head with a cold sweat. "I really didn’t expect to have a chance to see my true ancestor again. His momentum is really terrible."
"No one in this world should dare to make him angry."
After saying this, the crow couldn’t help but praise Lan Dali.
"Boss, it’s amazing that you can be so calm and talk to Zhenzu when you face him."
Lan Dali also maintained awe in front of the sky. It is normal for crows to think that it is naive and terrible after all.
But it’s amazing that Lan can communicate with the sky normally when he is in awe.
"Not bad!"
Blue vigorously face a stiff smile.
Then he said to Xu Fu and the crow, "I said, can you two come and help me?"
"Boss, what’s wrong with you?"
Chui fook heard blue vigorously said doubt asked.
Lan Dali was silent for a while and then said, "My legs are weak. You two come and help me sit down."
Chui fook and crow looked at Lan Dali’s legs after hearing Lan Dali’s words.
Although Lan Dali tries to make himself look like the wind is light, it is not difficult to see that Lan Dali’s legs are shaking from his shaking trouser legs.

However, I was in a trance and suddenly felt my heart ShaQi, and I was conscious of picking up Kun’s circle and splitting it.

After he fell off the wheel, Zhang Guifang was also broken in half.
Chengtang Xiqi both sides were surprised and hurriedly went out to rob the two of them back to the array.
Feng Lin, the pioneer of Zhang Guifang, was injured and couldn’t move. The poor official was in an emergency and went to Chaoge for help.
And seeing the invincible Jiang Ya also ordered people to hang up the battle card and go to Kunlun Mountain.
After visiting Kunlun Mountain, he received a whip to seal the gods list in Yuxiu Palace.
On the way, Shen Gongbao gambled and tied Liang Shen Gongbao, so he held a grudge against Jiang Ya.
However, Qishan finally set up a deity platform and opened a deity list.
On the other hand, Empress Zhongshiji in Penglai Island felt that it was time for Biyun Tong.
I was about to get up and go to the Bones Cave in Skull Mountain to give orders, but I met a Taoist Spirit.
The Taoist asked, "Where is Uncle Shi going?"
Empress Shijie replied, "Just now, I have a sense of Xuangong’s heart. It’s time for my disciple Biyun Tong to break the robbery."
It is killing him to take a trip to Xiqiao. "
"ShiShu now have to clean the body, such as to make trouble for no reason?
If this matter is not, the nephew will go for the uncle. "
Empress Shijie nodded in her heart and said, "All right, then please bother your nephew."
Road flyover Ling received the orders of Empress Shijie and returned to the abode of fairies and immortals to tidy up, and discussed the matter with Ling Ling Qing and others again.
They all said, "At this time, the list of gods has been set up, and it is time to cut the gods."
In this case, act according to the plan. "
Road flyover spirit got up and left Penglai Island for China.
He didn’t mean to participate in the fate of God so soon, but to make Sun Tai and others into the robbery.
At the right moment, I took advantage of the doom to occupy a few places first, and Lingqing and others may take this opportunity to turn around in the future.
Not only that, Empress Shijie has got rid of the death robbery, and it is time for Biyun Tong to make a quota on the list of gods.
The original Biyun boy was easily shot dead by Nezha’s deafening arrow and fell into the reincarnation of Xiandao and Shinto.
Now, although Ling Qing and others have tossed around and got the lotus incarnation.
But the incarnation of his qualifications and disposition is just an incarnation.
He doesn’t have a spirit bead body like Nezha, but like him, he uses it to incarnate the lotus into a flesh and sanctify it.
It’s better to take this opportunity to enter the list of gods, and make her completely robbed of the throne of Empress Shijie.
After returning to Donglu, Taoist Lingdao first summoned Sun Tai and said, "Now it’s time for you to rob, young brothers."
Sun Tai and others have long been psychologically prepared to ask, "I don’t know who will go to this war?"
Road flyover spirit took one look at six people and finally pointed to one of them and said, "This trip will be accompanied by Brother Bi Yun, the teacher younger brother raised by Tao."
It is up to the younger brother to decide whether to help Zhou cut Zhou or to help Zhou cut Zhou. "
Tao Chou, formerly known as Huang Chou, said with a smile, "I stopped teaching but people went to Xiqiao. I don’t want him much. I’ll go to Chengtang Camp as a teacher younger brother."
Road flyover Ling nodded at will and took Huang Chou to Bones Cave in Skull Mountain.
They are going to be robbed by a god, but what is the mandate of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties?
Go to find a chance to die and go to the gods list.
This is a complete robbery, not a random destiny.

At this moment, Yang Guang will not be sympathetic when facing Ma Wen. Even if he really beats the other person to death before the danger is lifted, it will be the same.

He can’t be generous enough to sympathize with a soul that almost killed himself, can he? Even her tragedy deserves sympathy, but it’s not enough to kill Yang Guang.
Suddenly Ma Wen’s figure disappeared.
"What’s the situation?" Yang guang is stupid
Because he feels that he has to attack Ma Wen a few more times, this tricky and difficult soul will be finished, right?
After all, she is at the end of her tether.
But the problem is that Ma Wen’s soul disappears in front of him, and it’s hard to detect the trace, right? Black paint? Even if Yang Guang doesn’t notice it in the black cave, but the other party disappears in broad daylight? What the hell is going on here?
Although the soul body is not an entity, it can also be traced.
Yang guang was unwilling to wait in situ, but he waited for nearly two minutes without seeing each other.
"Mom, this is how to return a responsibility? I can’t go back to a job. "This is Yang Guang’s first one. Even if there are too few reward points, the value is not high, but he certainly wants to be beautiful.
The so-called door is red!
If the first one fails, it must be to follow his generation of black history.
However, after a few minutes, Yang Guang found that there was something different around him, that is, the original rich Yin qi seemed to rush towards one place.
It’s as if there is a whirlpool sucking the yin around it.
And Yang Guang also immediately dragged Li Jinbao’s body to the periphery to avoid his bifurcation, and then surged up and qi and blood went toward the whirlpool.
But before he came near, there was nothing except the Yin qi that was handed over through qi and blood.
There are some ghosts that are attracted and swallowed up by the whirlpool.
Yang guang shuddered at the idea that he immediately suggested that qi and blood should attack the whirlpool of yin and qi, and to do so did have an effect and immediately let the whirlpool disappear.
And when it is about to take shape, the same attack means.
Repeat three or four times
There was no movement at all.
And Yang Guang also came to the center of the original Yin-Qi vortex to carefully check the surrounding situation.
However, he didn’t find anything wrong. Besides the native yellow mud, there are some small stones in flowers and plants. Not because this place is too cloudy and cold, even some small plants have to freeze to death.
But Yang Guang’s eyes soon set on a gray gravel, and he bent down to pick it up. His warm hands immediately felt extremely cold after touching the gray gravel.
"It’s really weird, haha!"
Yang Guangxiao got up and was almost fooled by himself.
Who would have thought that this thing actually "lived" Ma Wen’s soul body? Although he doesn’t know what this gray gravel is, he doesn’t know what it will appear here instead of in the cave.
But why should he care so much?
He held the gravel in his palm and said to it like a fool, "Ma Wen, I know that if you don’t say anything, I will crush this gravel and make you lose your hiding place."
Yang guang bet the other party will come out.
Because he lost the bet, he said that he was mistaken, but if the other party lost the bet, it would be really fascinating.
But will Yang Guang lose? Because the gravel was so cold, he didn’t think it was possible for him
"Don’t blame me if you don’t come out when I count to three."

Mrs. Xiao said, "Just now, she talked in her sleep. She said I was going home … my home in the south yard … someone bullied my dad and you brought my brother from the south yard to save me … so she is really a young lady!"

It turns out that this woman can’t remember things when she wakes up, but she talks in her sleep and tells some clues.
Xiao Nanlin was even more excited after listening to it.
This is sure that this woman is Su Jiner!
The couple came to Su Jiner’s room and looked at the familiar Sino-Su Jiner. They were excited and never fell asleep again.
Having confirmed Su Jiner’s identity, Xiao Nanlin gave up visiting relatives and the couple returned to Xiaofu with Su Jiner.
The husband and wife care less about Su Jiner than they love their own children.
However, Su Jin-er has become extremely sensitive and fragile because of the stimulation of misfortune and can’t remember the past. She is even more anxious about the past. She wants to recall the past but can’t remember it. The more she tries to find an answer, the more she can’t find it.
This vicious circle makes her fall into a great pain that others can’t appreciate.
She is also extremely unstable.
Sometimes it will be as crazy as crazy.
Xiao Nanlin and his wife can’t go like this together.
Su Jiner will be tortured to madness.
Now it’s a mistake. If you go crazy again, you’ll be in trouble.
So the husband and wife visited a famous doctor and treated her.
Chapter seventy-one The past truth (2)
Xiao Nanlin invited several doctors, but they were all at a loss about Su Jiner’s present situation.
Because Xiao Nanlin believes in Buddhism, he often gives donations to temples and Shaolin.
Xiao Nanlin invited Master Long Zhi, a very wise Shaolin monk.
Master Long Zhi was also very surprised to see the wife of the King of the South become like this.
After living in Master Long Zhi’s house for half a month, he observed Su Jiner’s situation and found a good way to treat the disease.
Finally, Master Long Zhi suggested that the husband and wife instill a kind of "experience in the past" in Su Jiner, so that she can find the answer without being confused and suffering, and then give her an "identity" to let her know who she is.
So that she may get rid of the painful torture of pursuing the past and gradually become normal.
Master Long Zhi also said to Xiao Nanlin, "Mrs. Lin has become a great event in this way, and she is even more nervous and alert when she sees an old man. She said that someone is going to hurt her. It is an old man who can hurt the wife of the king of the South. It is not an ordinary person. So the other party will not let it go. She has to give her an identity again, making it difficult for those who want to hurt her to find out about her."
So Xiao Nanlin adopted the advice of Master Long Zhi.
The couple instilled new ideas into Su Jiner every day. She made up a set of "past" and told her that she was actually their third daughter named Xiao Zhu.
I was accidentally separated, but now I’m finally reunited.
Xiao Nanlin also ordered everyone in the government to treat Su Jiner as Miss Xiao.
The hint in my heart is very big.
Especially for Su Jiner, who has lost her memory and is eager to find an answer.
Within two months, Su Jiner completely believed that she was Xiao Zhu, and she also had her own "past", and she no longer struggled.
So she is getting better and better.
She will no longer be uneasy and anxious, but will return to being as eccentric as she was when she was a teenager.
Xiao Nanlin talked about this and Lin Yi also thoroughly solved the mystery in his heart.
No wonder his wife had another experience, which was instilled by Xiao Nanlin and his wife.
Xiao Nanlin did all this with a good wife.
If not, the wife will really go crazy.
According to Xiao Nanlin’s time when he met his wife, it was five months after his wife’s accident, that is to say, she suffered from unbelievable mental torture and she wandered around like a poor beggar.
This really makes Lin Yi feel distressed.
Luckily, Ji Ren’s wife met Xiao Nanlin.
Put an end to her misery and regain a happy life.
Otherwise, the consequences are unimaginable.
Lin Yi is also full of passion for Xiao Nanlin at the moment.
Lin Yi got up and gave a ceremony to Xiao Nanlin. "Lin Yi, thank you, Master Xiao!"
I would be flattered if someone else gave the Southern King a gift, but Xiao Nan was indifferent. "The Southern King doesn’t have to thank me. I am from the Southern Courtyard. I am deeply respected by the Duke. This is all that I should be the Southern King."
Lin Yi felt from Xiao Nanlin’s attitude that Xiao Nanlin was really angry with herself.
But he really can’t figure out how he can offend Xiao Nanlin by correcting himself in the sword house in the south.
Of course, now is not the time to ask this question.
Su Qinghou also got up. He didn’t know what happened to his daughter until he heard Xiao Nanlin’s story. This also made Su Qinghou feel distressed and glad that his daughter met Xiao Nanlin.
Su Qinghou said to Su Jiner, "Jiner, you have suffered."
Su Jiner didn’t respond to her father first. She is most concerned about one thing now. She said to Xiao Nanlin, "So Feng Ge and my childhood friends are also fabricated?"
Xiaonanlin nodded.

Xiao Yaya certainly doesn’t know what Brahman Yunfei is thinking, and rushes to his body to exhale "exorcism!"

Since the ice demon’s power effect is not obvious, she directly attacks the soul body. Attacking is a martial art move developed by my sister two years ago.
Van Yunfei judged that this trick could not be hard-jointed. The sand fox was not afraid of chopping or blunt hitting. He was most afraid of water, but he became a demon who was not afraid of water and sand because of a coincidence. But of course, he still couldn’t hard-resist the attack from the source.
Alas, I can’t help it. I’ve been saving mana for a long time. I just want to become more human when I confess today, and I can show it later
The quicksand surged, and the powerful demon power shocked Xiao Yaya with a flash.
Xiaoyaya was surprised that she was an ordinary sand fox, but she was so strong.
Although she is young, the lich king is also very strong, and the other side can block her attack with ease.
The quicksand dispersed and the moonlight penetrated the window to light up the scene of the house. A beautiful man with fur and dark hair stood out with a pair of stubby fox ears.
"Two, two, two me, I don’t have it, I have it, I mean it, I want to come, and I want to express my love and confession."
Brahman Yunfei stammered that he was very shy.
At this time, a figure jumped out of bed and ignored the fact that she was still wearing pajamas and kicked Fan Yunfei’s face. "Watch your sister! You perverted stalker! "
Lu Chen watched this scene and spoke out. Should Li Xueyang have a good heart or a brain problem? Or can she know from the bottom of her heart that the local dog won’t hurt her? Generally speaking, she is used to domestic violence.
Thanks to this, it’s the local dog who really wants to change into a bad monster who is plotting against her. I’m afraid she won’t be able to do it in the past.
"Sister Xue Yang is so fierce! I dare not fight back when I hit him! "
Xiaoyaya was surprised to see that Brahman Yunfei was skilled in squatting against Li Xueyang for a violent output.
"Miss Yaya … what is this?"
King Satsuma of the Far North jumped in from the back window and was puzzled to see this scene.
Li Xueyang beat for a while and found that this pervert seemed to have nothing to do. He was almost tired. He stepped back and said to Lu Chen and Xiao Yaya, "Punish evil and promote good, please drive him away."
Lu Chen and Yaya stepped forward, and Brahman Yunfei immediately got up and powerful demon force surged, and the earth trembled at the boundary of the western regions, looking forward to all the dust in the western city.
At this time, at night, otherwise several people will surely see such wonders of heaven and earth.
"Miss Yaya, this is the top strong sand fox family. No … I seem to have an impression on this face …"
King Satsuma of the Far North felt the surging power in heaven and earth and the demon power of the other side surging, and his face was livid. "It’s like the first strong man in the western regions, Fan Yunfei!"
Yaya felt the expression of the mask of Brahma’s flying demon force froze. "Sunset … should we … run?"
When Li Xueyang heard the words of the king of Satsuma in the extreme north, he was also full of shock and afraid to step back. "Is this, is this about the demon emperor of Zhongda?"
Her heart is finished. The unfilial parents and daughters have caused great trouble for our family.
Alas, it’s all my fault for my beautiful appearance.
Lu Chen didn’t know Li Xueyang’s psychological activities. He glanced at the King of Satsuma in the far north. "So, brother Yi, what is your vision? Does this demon power look like a demon emperor?"
At this time, the Brahman Yunfei is at best a stronger demon king, far from the demon emperor, and it is estimated that it is a bluff. I am afraid that Wansha will turn back to the local dog before it is finished.
"Guys, guys, please don’t, don’t, don’t bother me, I want to talk to Xue Yang."
Vatican Yunfei stammered
"Who are you? I don’t know why you are always pestering me!"
Li Xueyang summon up courage nu way
Lu Chen smiled at Fan Yunfei. "What if we don’t return?"